Originally from the western suburbs of Chicago, I’ve spent the last four years living in Lincoln, Nebraska, where I attended school at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. I couldn’t be happier to tell you that I’M COMIN’ HOME! I will be relocating back to Chicago on November 1, 2016. 


It is my goal to make my clients feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera, allowing their true personality to come through in the photos that will last a lifetime. That being said, here are a few things you should know about my personality: Traveling is one of my greatest joys. I love seeing new places for the first time. I’m a people person. I love people. I love working with people, I love hanging with people, I love meeting new people. I’M ALL ABOUT THE PEOPLE. I have an unhealthy obsession with iced coffees from Dunkin’ Donuts & burrito bowls from Chipotle. Friends & family are so important to me. They are the reason I’m here & they continue to push me to new heights. I currently know all of the words to all the songs on Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, John Legend, Ariana Grande & Drake’s new albums. Choir was a huge part of my life, and because I don’t participate anymore, you can just find me in my car at any stoplight & come jam with me. The beach is my favorite place on Earth. Recently, I wear lots of snap backs. I love SnapChat (follow me @ramos_b). Lastly, at your wedding, I will dance harder than you on the dance floor (this is a fact, just accept it). 😉 


Capturing your special moments is one of my greatest passions. Telling stories through photos that will last a lifetime brings me a joy that I cannot put into words. It’s magical, it’s powerful, it’s emotional, & at the end of the day, it is so rewarding. I am so grateful for the people that put their trust in me to bring their story to life & become my friends in the process. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to look around! It means more to me than you’ll ever know.